Annual Dental Exam or CORE    (Comprehensive Oral and Radiographic Assessment)

Before and After Cleaning





A CORE dental procedure is your pet’s best protection against periodontal disease. The ATP procedure is so much more than just cleaning teeth. Dental x-rays, probing each tooth and charting are part of our standard checkup process. Your Pet Dentist wants to stop oral disease before it starts.  Our procedures include:

      • preanesthetic exam
      • analgesics
      • anti-nausea injection
      • IV catheter and fluids
      • gas anesthesia
      • warm air thermal blanket (Bair Hugger) to keep body temperature normal
      • cleaning/polishing
      • probing examination
      • dental x-rays
      • charting
      • communication with pet owner if any oral pathology is noted
      • complete discharge information and clinically important pictures to take home
      • taylor a home dental care program specifically for your pet
      • complimentary progress exams throughout the year are encouraged
We provide annual dental care based on the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) standards of excellence.  After your pet’s dental procedure, dental images and a treatment description form will be sent to your family veterinarian to place in your pet’s permanent record.
The cost of this procedure is approximately $525-575 (Memphis office only).  This is for an Annual CORE procedure only, not a dental referral of which particular additional problems will need to be addressed.
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