Recommended Dental Products for Pets


Your Pet Dentist recommends* the following dental pet care products for home use. I purchase and use many of  the following on my own pets.

PetSmile Enzymatic Brushless Toothpaste   (VOHC-approved)

Use with an applicator stick, gauze or even a toothbrush (even though this is brushless).    Minimum brushing is three (3) times weekly. If there is advanced periodontal disease, it’s best to brush daily.  Disinfect brush regularly in the dishwasher.

OraVet Chews (VOHC-approved)

This daily chew has as plaque preventive product (Delmopinol) within the chew.  This coats teeth, tongue and gingiva to create a protective barrier against bacteria that causes bad breath and are the basis for plaque.

Dog/Cat ESSENTIAL HealthyMouth™ Water Additive  (VOHC-approved)

One of my favorite products to recommend, since it is a passive way to help reduce plaque in your pet’s mouth.  The drinking water will change colors slightly, so don’t be alarmed.  If your dog or cat resists drinking this additive, gradually increase the amount of Healthymouth™ in the water over a week or so.  This seems to help considerably.   VOHC® (Veterinary Oral Health Council) approved for plaque reduction.

Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews  (VOHC-Approved) 

My dogs absolutely LOVE these chews and they are safe to swallow and easily digestible.  They come in variable sizes depending on the size of your pet.  Offer your pet one (1) per day for plaque and calculus reduction.  VOHC® approved for tartar control and reduction.

Hills T/D™ Canine and Feline Dental Diet  (VOHC-Approved)

VOHC® approved for tartar and plaque reduction in both dogs and cats.  For maximum benefit, I recommend using this as a sole diet source instead of as treats.

1-TDC Periodontal and Joint Health for Dogs and Cats

This tasty product stands for 1-Tetradecanol Complex, which is a fatty acid complex oils.  It is absorbed transmucosally (through the gingiva to deep tissue) and acts as a lubricant for gum health support.  This product is recommended for all cases of periodontal disease as well as with cats having gingivostomatitis.

Tooth To Tail Antioxidant

This product is a pleasant-tasting aqueous gel with powerful antioxidants that work in concert with salivary antioxidants and other ingredients to combat your dog’s or cat’s oral malodors.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Your Pet Dentist has, at times, received financial benefits from some of the above companies, typically for speaking at sponsored seminars and/or conferences.