Dear Dr. Greenfield and Tammy, Nibbles is doing incredibly well! As predicted by Tammy, in many ways he’s a new cat! He is thoroughly enjoying his golden years, and it’s all thanks to you guys!

Thank you for saving my boy!!

Josie Strain, Tupelo MS


Top photo Abby with facial swelling under left eye before seeing Dr. G. Bottom picture 2 weeks post-opp: happy as can be!

I can’t say enough about how awesome Dr. Greenfield is! Dr. G is a quality vet dentist and I would definitely use him again fo my dog’s dental needs. 

My dog (Abby) presented with severe facial swelling due to a cracked and abscessed upper 4th pre-molar (a very difficult tooth to remove without surgery) on a Wednesday, and we saw Dr. G. on a Friday. Dr. G examined my dog with great care and quickly scheduled surgery for the following Monday (thanks to a last minute cancellation). He was professional, took his time examining my dog and explaining the situation clearly, and performed a quality surgery on my dog. He ended up doing full mouth x-rays and surgically removing both upper 4th pre-molars (a very serious procedure no regular vet should do themselves without x-rays and dental tools). He even found and corrected an issue related to a tooth my regular vet pulled (left a root in the socket which led to abscess) during a teeth cleaning 6 weeks before surgery (they didn’t notice the dental issues Dr. G saw). 

After surgery, Dr. G showed me pictures of the x-rays and the teeth and explained to me what he saw in the x-rays that showed him these teeth needed to come out. Before leaving after surgery, Dr. G gave me his personal cell number and told me to call or text if we needed him (a huge plus). Dr. G cares about his furry patients and goes above and beyond to make sure your dog’s dental health is top notch. He is very friendly and I had an extremely positive experience with him and his team. 

Dental issues in dogs might not present themselves in an obvious manner-which is why you should seek a specialist if your dog is having symptoms. Now that the surgery is over (2 weeks post-op) my dog has more energy than ever before, even for a 7-year-old dog. It’s crazy to see how the pain of those abscessed teeth were bothering her – and she has a very high pain threshold. I can tell she definitely feels a ton better now!

Don’t ignore the signs of dental issues in your dog. You wouldn’t wait months if you had a broken tooth, nor would you go to your regular doctor with a broken tooth!

Ryan King

I wanted to send a warm “thank you”. This little dog means the world to me. When I met you, I told you that Little Bit came to me a couple months after my son died in 2007. I did not know it at the time just how much I needed him. Little Bit is doing so much better. I have passed on to people in my life how important it is to have Dog’s teeth cleaned, especially little dogs. I have always said, “one life touches another” and you have touched my life with the way you cared for Little Bit. Thank you again. Rhonda T.

IzzyHi Dr. Greenfield, It’s me Izzy, the very barky girl with the fancy titanium canine tooth. Just wanted to thank you for my new tooth and especially for telling my mom to brush my teeth at least three times a week. I love the poultry flavored toothpaste so every morning when my mom brushes her teeth I remind her to brush mine also.
Catherine and Izzy Billups


Lucy LuLucy Lu felt better right away after the surgery. This was a scary event for us but you made it so smooth and easy that we are forever grateful. If anyone asks us about a dog dentist you are the first one we will recommend. Again, thank you to you and your staff from the office staff that talked to me several times and the hospital staff that took great care of our Lucy Lu.

Lucy Lu, Phyllis and Tony Kloski


Dillon was a rescue with serious dental issues.  Over several years we had his teeth cleaned every 6 months but in most cases it required extractions.  Our vet, highly recommended we take Dillon to a dental expert, Dr. Greenfield.  Dr. Greenfield analyzed the big picture using x-rays and took time to show and describe the problems, recommended treatment and answered our unending questions so we clearly understood.  His recommendation was removal of 10 teeth plus surgery on Dillon’s nasal cavity which had been damaged by bone deterioration and creating a passage from the constant dental infections. By executing this recommendation we could provide a level starting point of a healthy mouth and prevent the unquestionable continuation of the current problem.

We are now happily at the point of a healthy starting point.  It is 3 weeks after his surgery and Dillon is a happy and healthy little guy.  We could not have asked for a better recommendation and solution.  Together our regular vet, and Dr. Greenfield remained in constant communication about the recommended treatment, surgery and follow-up appointments with one another and with us.  We were confident, well informed and our major anxiety as pet owners was sincerely felt, understood and communicated to us.

We highly recommend Dr. Greenfield, Tammy and the team who cared for Dillon at Memphis Veterinary Specialist, we have the utmost trust and confidence in the care they provide.

Glenda and John Cunningham


Sukie, my Italian Greyhound has had numerous problems with her teeth due to a genetic disorder. I have had her for almost two years, and in that time she has had multiple abscesses, even immediately after cleanings and extractions- always. (You can image the money that I spent). My DVM recommended that I take her to Dr. Greenfield. Dr. Greenfield has a confident, calming air about him that is soothing to both canines and humans. When you hear him speak about your pet’s dental issues, you will know that he is extremely knowledgeable and competent. Furthermore, he is a super nice person that truly cares about you and your pet.

Sukie had many extractions done by Dr. Greenfield that day and so far no abscesses!! Sukie’s follow up care was explained by him very well, and he gave me lifetime instructions on how to preserve what few teeth she has left. It was expensive, but I feel like her dental issues are going to be few and far between now. Also, Sukie’s appointments (if needed) are free for a year 

Sukie had always been withdrawn and a bit fearful. Two weeks after her extractions, she had more energy and was much more playful. Now we are at the three week mark and her new name is WilD Woman! Wow what a difference! I now feel like she has always had abscesses causing various degrees of pain.
Julie and Sukie

RubyLet me start by saying that Dr. Greenfield and his super technician, Tammy, took excellent care of my baby girl, Ruby. They saw to her every need (before during and after her procedure), patiently answered ALL of my questions, and handled this anxious owner with kid gloves.

Ruby is a most precious Shih Tzu that I have been fostering for about three years. I knew that she needed a solid teeth cleaning due to her “death breath (I did not know what her mouth history was prior to my fostering her). She has always been a GREAT eater and never seemed remotely painful, so I put the cleaning off.

Recently, Ruby started having trouble eating. She was dropping food, eating only on one side of her mouth, and taking longer to ear. Then she started to paw the left side of her face and even guard it. All of this happened in the course of about a week. I was beside myself with the pain she must be in, knowing all this did not happen overnight. It never ceases to amaze me how well our pets compensate for any discomfort they feel and Ruby had compensated for as long as she could. There was no more putting this off. 

I told Dr. Greenfield what was going on with Ruby and my concerns about a tooth abscess and the pain she was in. Everything went well after a few extractions and a good clearing of her very few remaining teeth. A couple days later Dr. Greenfield asked my how Ruby is doing. I tried to explain to him the changes that had occurred in her since her procedure. Ruby is my quietest girl, my most mellow of three (her age is guesstimated to be 8+ years), or so I thought. After her mouth care she became a completely different dog. I’m not talking about a temporary change but a honest to goodness new dog I did not know I had! She is back to eating with gusto but the gusto does not stop there. She is also much more interactive in everything. She has turned into a typical Shih Tzu mess and I am seeing her true personality for the first time, ever. Thank you Dr. Greenfield and Tammy!!  
Marian Hayne & Ruby

Isabella and HollyI can’t say enough good things about Dr. Greenfield! He truly saved my little Persian, Isabella, and gave her another chance at happy life. The financial investment in his work is worth it!!!!
Holly Hall



Harley Holding BallLike most pet owners we consider our pet dog Harley family. Upon learning he had developed CUPS, an auto immune disease, we were heart broken to find out that he was in tremendous pain and that he would need to have all his teeth extracted. While researching online we came across Dr. Greenfield and immediately set up a consultation with surgery to follow. Dr. Greenfield and his assistant Tammy’s bedside manner was amazing. They discussed in detail the prodedure, pain management, and after care, making us feel more comfortable with our decision. During the surgery Tammy kept us up to date with Harley’s progress and Doc made himself available 24/7 after surgery. After 7 days of post care, Harley started to show amazing recovery. Our major concern was that there would be some depression because he couldn’t play with his favorite ball and toys. Well what a difference 2 weeks has made. Harley is acting like a puppy all over again. He is 9 years old and has a sudden burst of energy and is back eating kibble. We bought him a soft golf ball and a soft replica of his favorite ball which you can’t take away from him. We want to thank you both for the outstanding care and service you provided to our family. But most of all for giving our Harley a pain free life.                                                                             Roderick and Tonja Edwards


MollyDr. Greenfield, Molly is like a different dog since the surgery. We can’t thank you enough!
Lynette Foster





Tigger FlickAfter my mother-in-law fell ill, we adopted her beloved tabby, Tigger. He is 3 years old. At first, he blended into the family very well. Almost a year into his stay with us his personality started to turn. He became more isolated, aloof, and less interactive with the family which consists of my husband, dog and older cat, Julian. Tigger stopped eating and became depressed shortly after Christmas. He became so dehydrated that he required a 3 day hospitalization wiht our primary vet. The vet noticed that Tigger’s gums were inflamed and appeared very painful. She referred us to Dr. Greenfield who confirmed the diagnosis of Feline Stomatitis. I had no idea that cats could become inflicted with this awful disease, however Dr. Greenfield offered a promising solution. I will admit the price tag for a full teeth extraction was at first daunting, but given the evidene and testimonials on Dr. Greenfield’s website my husband and I went through with the surgery. Dr. Greenfield and Tammy (nurse extraordinaire) took amazing care of Tigger. He was swollen and sore, but recovered fairly quickly. Within 2 weeks of the surgery Tigger was back to playing with his fellow pet family members. Tigger is now more cuddly and sociable than ever. Not to mention his appetite is out of this world and he has the energy of a kitten again. My family is whole again thanks to Dr. Greenfield and his wonderful team!
Jami Flick
Mrs. Ray says that she had been having a hard time getting Nami to eat preoperatively, and now her appetite is excellent. Nami is back to her normal self, and her family is thrilled!  You are the man!  Thanks so much for your help with her!  
Wendy Wolverton, DVM
Germantown Parkway Animal Hospital
Cordova, TN
We have known Dr. Greenfield for a long time. When Tina, one of our rescues, needed some serious dental care, Dr. Greenfield was the one we wanted to treat her. Tina is now very well and living a very happy and healthy life.
 Eddie and Brenda K.
Thank you so very much for taking such good care of my baby. As you know I was very unsure of the procedure, but now I couldn’t be happier with the results. This is to anyone who has doubts about having any kind of oral surgery especially a full mouth extraction on your animal. My cat had a periodontal disease called feline tooth resorption, where all of his gums were very red and inflamed. I went through a series of steps and wasted money till I met Dr. Greenfield. My cat was in more pain than I knew. When he told me all his teeth needed to come out I was shocked and didn’t want that to be true. I thought how is he going to eat? I kept questioning whether having his teeth taking out was the best thing to do. I was very scared, sad and didn’t know what to do. The surgery went well and after only 2 weeks my cat was able to eat dry food. I didn’t think that was possible, but everything Dr. Greenfield said was true. My cat came out of his shell. He used to be scared of going outside (as weird as that sounds,) but now he loves it. He is definitely a new improved kitty. Dr. Greenfield is the best doctor I know. He really does want the best for your animal and doesn’t want to see it in pain. So if anyone second guesses this surgery, from my experience you don’t have to any more.
It is a great investment and you will not regret it. As the brochure states that the over whelming owner comment is “we haven’t seen our pet this frisky or happy in a long time”, is absolutely true.  Thank you,
Maegan Moran
Dr. Greenfield is one of our best and most distinguished clients.  The care and sophistication of his dental and oral surgery practice is readily apparent in the cases he submits to our laboratory.  His clinical work-ups are thorough and appropriate.  Even more, the way Dr. Greenfield communicates about each pet reveals the respect and compassion he obviously feels for his patients.
Cindy Bell, DVM, Dipl.ACVP
Jason Soukup, DVM, Dipl.AVDC
Center for Comparative Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Greenfield’s presentation was extremely helpful in changing the attitudes and techniques in the dental suite of our hospital. Whether it was with the client communications, record keeping, cleaning or radiography, Dr. Greenfield, was both insightful and specific in what to do ti implement dental procedures that would both improve the medicine and the profitability of dentistry at our hospital.  I would highly recommend to any interested in improving the quality of their dental procedures to have Dr. Greenfield come to their hospital.
Robert V. Russell, DVM
Battleground Hospital for Animals
Franklin, TN
I have worked with Barden for years; sending him root canals, total mouth extractions and other more complicated dental procedures.  Our clients return to our clinic happy, and their pets are healthier for the care they have received.  He is a true partner in the care of animals treated in our practice.
Neil Utkov, DVM
Pet Health Center
Memphis (Lakeland), TN
Great job, Dr. Hawley on getting Romeo to us this morning to evaluate the eye!  Thankfully, the eyes look great but a lot of swelling around the eye.  Transferred the Dr. Greenfield and Tammy at YourPetDentist so they can work their magic. 
Advanced Animal Eye Care
The staff here at Greene Animal Hospital loves Dr. Greenfield and YourPetDentist.  Check out their page to see all of the amazing things they do!
Jessica Fredericks
Thank you Dr. Greenfield for taking such good care of Hezekiah the cat who owns one of my dearest friends. (Yes, you read that right – the cat does indeed own my friend!)  I assured her that Heze was in the best hands possible – thanks again!!!
Sherry Lynn Rout
Big thanks to Dr. Greenfield and Tammy for doing a great job on extracting a tooth from Shelby today…
Michael Holland