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Client Testimonials

  • We want to thank you both for the outstanding care and sercie you provided to our family. but most of all for giving our Harley a pain free life. Thank you,
    Roderick and Tonya Edwards
  • Dr. Greenfield, Molly is like a different dog since the surgery. We can't thank you enough!  
    Lynette Foster
  • We have known Dr. Greenfield for a long time. When Tina, one of our rescues, needed some serious dental care, Dr. Greenfield was the one we wanted to treat her. Tina is now very well and living a very happy and healthy life.
    Eddie and Brenda K.
  •  Dr. Greenfield and Tammy (nurse extraordinaire) took amazing care of Tigger. Within 2 weeks of the surgery Tigger was back to playing with his fellow pet family members. Tigger is now more cuddly and sociable than ever. Not to mention his appetite is out of this world and he has the energy of a kitten again. My family is whole again thanks to Dr. Greenfield and his wonderful team!
    Jami Flick
  • Our dog (Zoe) was in discomfort and came to us from rescue with significant dental problems. Dr. Greenfield assessed the problems specific to several teeth that would require either extraction or root canal depending on the condition of each tooth. He was able to save a couple through root canal. While it was not cheap, there is no doubt that our dog is fully recovered now and able to eat hard food again. This is good. Kudos to Dr. G.
    Lee and Sharon Grinspan
  • Dr. Greenfield is the best doctor I know. He really does want the best for your animal and doesn’t want to see it in pain. Thank you so very much for taking such good care of my baby.   
    Maegan Moran
  • Thank you so much for taking care of me today. I can not wait until my mouth is all better. "ChiChi Blancett"
    Tammi Pacey Blancett
  • Thanks to Dr. Greenfield, Tammy, and the rest of the staff at MVS! You all are the best!
    Lisa Tomala
  • Star had a wonderful day today, thank you.  She is begging for her crunchy food, I gave her a little today.  It is 9 days today and she is a new dog! You said for me to wait for solid food for 14 days; she is begging and had soft food for her main feeding tonight. Thank you so much for bringing our dog back!
    Anne Turner
  • A big thank you to Dr. Greenfield and Tammy for taking such great care of Jake. His teeth look great!
    Stacie Ann Mosley
  • Thank you Dr. Greenfield for taking such good care of Hezekiah the cat who owns one of my dearest friends. (Yes, you read that right – the cat does indeed own my friend!) I assured her that Heze was in the best hands possible – thanks again!!!  
    Sherry Lynn Rout

Referring Vet Testimonials

  • Mrs. Ray says that she had been having a hard time getting Nami to eat preoperatively, and now her appetite is excellent. Nami is back to her
    normal self, and her family is thrilled!  You are the man!  Thanks so much for your help with her!  
    Wendy Wolverton, DVM
    Germantown Parkway Animal Hospital
    Cordova, TN
  • I have worked with Barden for years; sending him root canals, total mouth extractions and other more complicated dental procedures.  Our clients return to our clinic happy, and their pets are healthier for the care they have received.  He is a true partner in the care of animals treated in our practice.
    Neil Utkov, DVM
    Pet Health Center
    Memphis (Lakeland), TN
  • Dr. Greenfield is one of our best and most distinguished clients. The care and sophistication of his dental and oral surgery practice is readily apparent in the cases he submits to our laboratory. His clinical work-ups are thorough and appropriate.  Even more, the way Dr. Greenfield communicates about each pet reveals the respect and compassion he obviously feels for his patients.
    Cindy Bell, DVM, Dipl. ACVP
    Jason Soukup, DVM, Dipl. AVDC
    Center for Comparative Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
    University of Wisconsin-Madison