Our Pet Dentistry & Oral Surgery Services

Dr. Greenfield and Dr. Brigg’s extensive experience in treating not only periodontal disease, but also endodontics (root canal therapy, cracked teeth), orthodontics, prosthodontics (crowns & cosmetic dentistry), surgical oncology (oral tumors), and other pet dental services allows him to receive referrals from a wide area. He also accepts non-referrals for annual dental prevention and cleaning procedures.

bone grafts, advanced flap surgeries, root planing

root canal therapy, vital pulpotomy, surgical endodontics

wellness based periodontal cleaning/polishing, probing, dental x-rays, charting

crown therapy after root canal or for cage chewers

bite correction to return to normal function

simple and complicated extractions, biopsies, tumor removal

repair fractured teeth with no pulp exposure, enamel defects

digital dental x-rays and CT imaging

intraoral splinting and acrylic wiring techniques

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A recent examination and bloodwork are needed for your pet's appointment. If your local veterinarian has this information please request a referral from your local veterinarian. Please have your general vet's office complete the referral form