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For Referring Veterinarians

Dr. Greenfield, Dr. Briggs, and our team would like to be considered an extension of your private practice in that we are here to help you and your patients.   Therefore, to provide the absolute best diagnostic and treatment options for them, it is important to provide us with the clinical information you have.


Therefore, we ask of you and your team to provide the following:

  • Current blood work within 3 months of procedure or more recent if an on-going systemic issue is occurring
    • Pets under 8 years of age: CBC, Serum Chemistries
    • Pets over 8 years of age: CBC, Serum Chemistries, +/- Thyroid, Urinalysis
  • Medical record information pertaining to the dental pathology and MOST RECENT record of any co-morbidity and illnesses. (Any medical records beyond 2 years does not need to be sent)
  • Most recent dental chart of your patient if performed
  • Previously performed dental radiographs in a jpeg format (within 12 months)

Medical records can be emailed to  and title the email with the owner and pet’s name along with your name and practice.


Thank you very much!


Barden Greenfield, DVM, DAVDC

Angela Briggs, DVM, DAVDC

Your Pet Dentist of Nashville Team

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A recent examination and bloodwork are needed for your pet's appointment. If your local veterinarian has this information please request a referral from your local veterinarian. Please have your general vet's office complete the referral form