Why Use a Plaque Preventive Water Additive?

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Why Use a Plaque Preventive Water Additive?

Do you know how many pet owners actually brush their pet’s teeth? 50%? 25%? 15%?  Try much, much less. A recent study indicates that only 5% of pet owners actually brush their pet’s teeth. So my next thought is – if you don’t brush, what can you do?


Improve Your Pet’s Oral Health with a Plaque Preventive Water Additive

You, the pet owner, should do whatever you can to prevent plaque from forming, since this is the precursor to gingivitis and periodontal disease. Many people offer a pet chew, diet, or water additive.

But how do you know it actually works?


I have often mentioned the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). They’re the gold standard for over-the-counter pet dental products. In my practice, I only recommend VOHC-approved treats, such as Tartar Shield and CET Veggie Dents, and T/D diet. I also recommend a water additive called Healthy Mouth. It’s VOHC-approved for plaque prevention in both dogs and cats.

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Your pet has to drink water, so adding Healthy Mouth is a logical step.  It’s not the ideal for dental oral care – brushing is the gold standard – but it is certainly a very good start.


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In addition to at-home care, your pet also needs routine dental checkups. If your pet is due for their annual teeth cleaning, contact our office.

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